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Average search engine optimization services only consist of low quality link building. However powerful search engine optimization consist of many processes and practices that work in sync to positively affect search engine results. Here at SEO1800 we keep a close look at all of the metrics that effect search engine rankings and implement all of these metrics in our SEO efforts. By doing so we provide true professional SEO that achieves results for any size business or website.

Content Optimization

Content optimization or On-page optimization is the practice of correctly optimizing a website’s content’s and keywords. On-page optimization allows search engines to find your site for popular keywords with ease. We begin most of our campaigns by properly analyzing a site, performing the appropriate keyword research and then optimizing the site for said keywords. Content optimization sharpens your site’s focus and search relevance.

Link Building

The search engines have become extremely sophisticated in detecting low quality links and poor SEO practices. This is why only professional SEOs with tested methods can bring your website long term results on the search engines. We are up to date with the most effective link building practices and we implement them every day on our client’s SEO campaigns.

Generating relevant, and authoritative links is a combination of time and approach. Although very time consuming, link building is one of the main key elements of SEO.

Reputation Management

Many businesses deal with poor online reputation. In most occasions unsatisfied customers or competitors generate negative buzz that damages your business’s reputation. We tackle reputation management by analyzing your current online reputation as well as the main disruptive elements it faces and then we proceed to use a variety of techniques to push these negative elements down and eventually eliminate them.

 Responsive Web  Design

Achieving ranks and driving traffic to your online site is only half of the battle. Converting your visitors into customers may require changes and implementations to your site. Web design may include updating your current site, making changes to your current conversion strategies and implementing new methods of generating leads through better design.

Social Media For Businesses

With social media becoming more prominent we have developed many solutions to help businesses establish themselves and engage with their audience in this medium.

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