About Us

Search Engine Optimization, done right.

SEO1800 was founded with the core belief that SEO and online marketing for small businesses should be easy, effective, and most importantly: affordable. Since our founding in 2013, we have helped over two hundred online and local businesses increase their sales on the web.

Professional search engine optimization requires time, resources and often times a great deal of knowledge to deliver results. For this reason many small businesses are unable to establish themselves online. Even though customers today rely heavily on search engines, social media, and the internet to make purchases.

Why our clients love our "Pay only for Results" SEO services.

Many SEO companies charge clients exorbitant monthly budgets and often deliver subpar seo results after many months of charging these clients unjustified monthly budgets.

As an SEO company we only charge you once and only when we improve your rankings on the search engines. We rely on our state of the art software to analyse cost-of-rank and give you upfront quotes of ranking your desire keyword on the first page.