How to Solve the SEO Problems with a Web Design Company

How often do you inspect your technical SEO? It’s a no brainer. Every top ranked website you see in Google’s SERPs starts with an SEO optimized website. If you think Google has not found your website, then it is best to check the other aspect of search engine optimization – the technical SEO.

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In today’s post, let’s take a look at 4 common SEO problems that can ruin the ranking of your website. And let’s fix it.

1. Not indexed Site
The worst question I’ve heard: Why is my website not ranking for its brand name? It really is impossible to get an organic traffic if your website is not showing up on Google’s searches. To check if your website is indexed, do this:
In the search box, type the word “site:” then type the complete name of your website with the TLD.

And if you can’t see your website, then here’s what to do:

  • Check your site pages and blog posts if they are indexed;
  • Check the sub domains to make sure they are indexed;
  • Check old versions of your site to see if they are erroneously indexed instead of redirected;
  • Figure out what caused the indexing problem and work on it.

2. Broken internal and external links
Too many 404 pages are not good for your website. If users are directed to a 404-page instead of the information they wanted, it can affect your site traffic. Not only that, both Google and internet users will perceive your website as low quality.

There are online tools that can find your broken backlinks. You may want to check Google console, Moz, Majestic, or Ahrefs.
3. Improper placement of character on robots.txt file 
For a developer, the single most damaging character in all of SEO can be a simple “/” incorrectly placed somewhere in the robots.txt file.
Maybe your developer forgot to change the robots.txt file after redeveloping your website. Unfortunately, this can ruin your site’s organic traffic.
So, how do you check if that single character is improperly placed in the robots.txt file? Go to and make sure you don’t see this: “User-agent: * Disallow: /”.

Otherwise, you should talk to your developer. Maybe he has a good reason why he did that or he may have overlooked it.
And for your e commerce site that has a complex robots.txt file, consider reviewing it line-by-line with your developer to make sure everything is correct.

4. Temporary Redirects

Redirection is the best way to tell search engines that a page has moved, so that you don’t lose authority on your page. However, there’s a huge difference between permanent (301) and temporary (302) redirects in the world of SEO.
A temporary redirect can make search engines continue to index an outdated page while disregarding the page you are redirecting it to. So, if the change is permanent, then implement a permanent redirect. Moz finds it the best approach.

However, Google may recognize that a 302 redirect is permanent and make it into a 301, but to avoid low optimization, it’s better to keep these things in mind.

Other technical SEO problems not listed here can be identified and well taken care of by a web design company. Admittedly, working with all the technical side of SEO takes a lot of work and time. But, you don’t have to go through the trial and error process. You always have the option to make things easy.

Ask help from a trusted web development agencies or a custom web design company who can fix these technical problems.

What other technical SEO problems you want to add on the list? Share your thoughts.


By Paul